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EX-6 Exploration Seismograph Specifications

Number of Channels: 6 to 3,200. Can handle up to 600 channels per line in real-time at 2ms sample rate.
Controller: Ethernet equipped laptop running Windows Vista/XP
Sample Intervals: 0.125, 0.25, .5, 1, 2 and 4 ms
Record Length: 4 ms - 64 sec, 2 ms - 32 sec, 1 ms - 16 sec,
.5 ms - 8 sec,.25 ms - 4 sec, .125 ms - 2 sec
Multiline Operation: 3,200 channels on up to 32 lines
CDP Operation: Automatic or manual roll in single line operation, spread controlled by scripts in multiline operation.
Stacking: Positive or negative vertical stack with unstack/restack
Cable: Industry standard eight pair, six geophone takeout, reversible cables
Max Box Interval: 1450ft
Max Line Interval: 1450ft, 2,900 feet with one repeater
Recording Format: SEG-2, SEG-D 8038, SEG-D 8058


Channels: 6
A/D Resolution: 24 bits
Preamp Gain (PG): 12db, 24db, 36db or 48db, remotely selectable
Frequency Response: .125ms: 2 - 3200 Hz, .25ms: 2 - 1650 Hz, .5 ms: 2 - 825 Hz, 1 ms: 2 - 412 Hz,
2 ms: 2 - 206 Hz, 4 ms: 2 - 103 Hz
Dynamic Range: 120db @ 2ms PG=36db, 115db @ 2ms PG=12db (typ)
Distortion (THD): less than .002% at 25Hz, 2ms (typ)
Crosstalk: Greater than 90db
CMR: Greater than 100db @ 60 Hz
Max Input Signal: 1.6 VRMS @ 12db, 100 mVRMS @ 36db
Input Noise: .21 mVRMS @ 2ms PG=36db, 1.6 mVRMS @ 2ms PG=12db (typ)
Anti-Alias Filters: 4 ms 103 Hz, 2 ms 206 Hz, 1 ms 412 Hz, .5 ms 825 Hz,.25ms 1650 Hz .125ms 3300Hz
Test Oscillator: 10, 25, 50, 60, 100, 125, 200, 250 Hz or variable in 1Hz increments. Amplitude adjustable in 10 uV steps
Instrument Tests: Internal digital tests, acquisition unit battery voltage, internal voltage check, crosstalk, amplifier pulse, timing verification, CMR, amplifier noise, dynamic range, gain &
phase similarity, communications, and trigger verification
Spread Tests: Geophone pulse, geophone similarity, geophone resistance, cable leakage
Connectors: Two 16-pin connectors for line In/Out
Two 8-pin connectors, Batt1 and Batt2 for external battery power and trigger
Power: 12 volt nominal, 45ma sleep, 120ma idle, 400ma active
Physical: 10.1" x 6.4" x 2.6", 5.5 lbs
Operating Temp: -40C to 70C


Boxes:  Supports up to 640 channels on either side of the LTU
Physical: 10.1" x 6.4" x 2.6", 6lbs
Operating Temp: -40 to 70C
Power: 12V nominal, current: 100ma

Seistronix reserves the right to change specifications

Phone: 916-851-1890 Fax: 916-851-1852 Email: sales@seistronix.com

EX-12 Seismograph

Seistronix introduces the EX-12 exploration seismograph. The EX-12 is a distributed system based on the technology used in the EX-6. With 12 channels per box, the EX-12 reduces the the number of boxes, cables and batteries by half. Read more here


Continuous Recording
The EX-6 now supports continuous real-time recording for applications such as tomography and seismic interferometry. Read more here.

Mesa Scrip Support
The EX-6 now supports the use of Mesa script files for controlling the operation of the EX-6 in 3D surveys. Read more here.





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