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Society of Exploration Geophysicists

The Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society
American Geophysical Union
Association of Engineering Geologists
GSA Geological Society of America
EAGE European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers
European Geophysical Society
Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists
Japanese Society of Exploration Geophyscists


Journals and Publications
Geophysics The Society for Exploration Geophysics (SEG) archival journal
Journal of Applied Geophysics Published by Elsevier
Journal of Geophysical Prospecting Primary research on geophysics as it applies to exploration. Published for the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers.
Surveys in Geophysics An International Review Journal of Geophysics and Planetary Sciences published under the auspices of The European Geophysical Society
Geophysics Journal International Solid earth geophysics journal based in Europe published for the Royal Astronomical Society
Oil and Gas Journal
Water Well Journal


Seismic Processing Software
Optim Software Software for predicting seismic velocity structure within laterally complex geologic environments
Interpex Software for refraction and reflection surveys, EM, IP, gravity and other geophysical methods
Rayfract Refraction processing software. RayfractTM software implements the Delta-t-V method and provides a continuous seismic velocity vs. depth profile for all stations.
Kansas Geological Survey Refraction and reflection processing software
GeoWiz Seismic visualization software
Sandmeirer Scientific Software Refraction and reflection processing software
ORFEUS ORFEUS maintains a Seismological Software Library (SSL) with web and ftp site links
GX Technology Seismic exploration software tools (seismic modeling and imaging) and papers on their application.
Geotrace Design and analysis of 3D seismic data acquisition surveys
Golden Software Contouring, graphing, and map viewing software.
Rockware Publishes general geoscience software. They also provide a free refraction seismic program for teaching purposes



Kansas Geological Survey Kansas Geological Survey
University of Houston Geophysics on the Internet, hosted by University of Houston
National Geophysical Data Center National Geophysical Data Center
Colorado School of Mines Introduction to geophysical exploration
CREWES CREWES - Consortium for Research in Elastic Wave Refraction Seismology - is an applied geophysical research group concentrating on the acquisition, analysis and interpretation of multicomponent seismic data.
United States Geological Survey United States Geological Survey - USGS
Galaxy Geophysical links Geophysical links from the Galaxy searchable directory
Juggy.com Geophysical equipment, crew activity, news and other information related to the geophysical industry
AEG News
Fast Times
Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation
Hydro International
Ocean Systems
Sea Technology
Terra Nova
World EOD Gazette
World Oil
World Tunneling
Seismic Source Synchronizers


EX-12 Seismograph

Seistronix introduces the EX-12 exploration seismograph. The EX-12 is a distributed system based on the technology used in the EX-6. With 12 channels per box, the EX-12 reduces the the number of boxes, cables and batteries by half. Read more here

Continuous Recording
The EX-6 now supports continuous real-time recording for applications such as tomography and seismic interferometry. Read more here.

Mesa Scrip Support
The EX-6 now supports the use of Mesa script files for controlling the operation of the EX-6 in 3D surveys. Read more here.




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