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Seistronix RAS-24 Options and Accessories




 RAS-24 USB Interfaces

The RAS-24 comes with a RS-232 serial port interface as standard equipment and offers adequate data transfer speeds for 12-channel or 24-channel RAS-24 systems. For systems with two or more RAS-24s, either the USB-100 or USB-200 must be used. The USB-100 allows off-end shooting and has an external trigger input while the USB-200 provides split-spread shooting, external trigger input, and remote radio controlled trigger input/outputs. The USB-100/200 interfaces feature:

  • Automatic, plug-and-play installation - no switches or system settings to change

  • Permits higher data transfer rates than the standard serial port

  • No batteries or external power - powered by the laptop

  • 80% to 150% faster data transfers than previous RAS-24 high-speed interfaces

  • External trigger input

  • USB connector is rugged and easy to insert for reliable field use


The USB-100 connects the laptop to the first RAS-24 box in the system and provides an external trigger input.


The USB-200 allows the laptop to be connected to the middle of the spread with RAS-24 boxes on both the low and high side. It provides an external trigger input and inputs for remote radio controlled operation.






The standard geophone is 28Hz. 

Can provide geophone frequencies from 4.5Hz to 100Hz.

HS-1 Hammer Switch


The Hammer Switch is supplied with 5M cable and mating 3-pin Bendix connector

Striker Plate  

8” x 8” x 3/4” Aluminum plate for use with a hammer.






12 volt battery pack and charger. Approximately 18 Amp-Hour. Provides enough power to operate the RAS-24 for several days shooting.

12-Channel Spread Cable 


The standard 12-channel spread cable provides 5 meter takeout intervals. Other lengths are available on request.

RAS to RAS Interconnect cable 


Cable to connect multiple RAS-24 units together. Standard lengths are 25ft, 100ft, 250ft, 500ft, and 1000ft

Hammer Switch Extension Cable 


The Trigger Extension Cable extends the range of the Hammer Switch to 410ft. 

USB Interface to RAS Interconnect Cable 


This cable connects the USB-100 (or USB-200) interface to the first RAS-24. The standard length is 6ft


Hammer spread cable adapter

The Hammer Switch cable adapter plugs in to the end of the spread cable farthest from the RAS-24 and provides a trigger input for the Hammer Switch at the end of the spread.




Many different types of laptops are suitable for use with the RAS-24. The main considerations for field use are ruggedness and visibility in direct sunlight. Seistronix can provide a laptop of your choosing as part of the entire system, with the software preloaded, or you may use your own.


Phone: 916-851-1890 Fax: 916-851-1852 Email: sales@seistronix.com

EX-12 Seismograph

Seistronix introduces the EX-12 exploration seismograph. The EX-12 is a distributed system based on the technology used in the EX-6. With 12 channels per box, the EX-12 reduces the the number of boxes, cables and batteries by half. Read more here


Continuous Recording
The EX-6 now supports continuous real-time recording for applications such as tomography and seismic interferometry. Read more here.

Mesa Scrip Support
The EX-6 now supports the use of Mesa script files for controlling the operation of the EX-6 in 3D surveys. Read more here.





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